by Nufeel

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Yo everybody's a star
Fly high and go far
Just Remember there's some bullshit that come with these cars and jewels
Niggas will enviously come with it too
Ande before you know whats up, they will come at you cool
Like that's my bro, that's my fam, I don't fuck with these dudes
I don't need ya fake love, I came up without ya
So when you come up it's insane how these niggas doubt ya
Dreamkillers throwing shade when that light around ya
Always acting like they care, but deep down will spite ya
Doesn't matta, I'm getting hotta
Kids callin me a problem, from Jersey, Cincinatti, Los Angeles, or Harlem
I'm a be the hardest cuz I always been the smartest
You can be it too if you just recognize ya father
Yes I'm preachin to ya I aint talkin bout ya father
God droppin down knowledge, now you recognize ya callin
You can be apart of what you feel is strong as Sparta
Greatness what we chasing, killin everything like Jason, Yo

It's not the fame I'm chasing
Or enemies I'm facing
The Lord can see I'm racing
It's time for me to take it.
So take it, (take it), take it

Yo living everyday and I'm bi-coastal B
We living young, free, and wild just like we supposed to be
Them niggas know, they see me ridin my Chevy on 4's
East coast nigga but I love my Chevy it roars
And please don't take nothing for granted
Leave ya prayers on the floor
You gotta always keep it humble, even when you get more
Ya know why?
We all stars and we highly evolved
So when you figure out your passion, please don't let it dissolve
We counting on you to succeed
It keeps the World turning
So that's ya motivation when you feel it aint workin
That's why I'm pickin up the paper like its Monday morning
I swear to God I always knew deep down I was important
And now I'm shopping for that Lamborghini to import in
Get it? But never the less I'm thankful we blessed
And I'm a sip some fine wine, like whenever I'm stressed
And tough times make you strong, so I'm never depressed
Them fuck niggas hating on me, dog I wish you success fucka


released 14 May 2013



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Nufeel New Jersey

Versatile young Artist/Producer from New Jersey. Having already learned much while interning at Universal Motown and Def Jam, Nufeel now only wants to restore originality to music.


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